A Strength Within – The story behind the Heather Hawkins story


A Strength Within published in Travel Play Live Magazine


It escapes me why some stories feel like they take forever to write, while others seem to write themselves.

A Strength Within -Heather Hawkins story, was one of those which gushed from the fingertips on fast-forward.

This phenomena doesn’t happen very often, at least not to me. The process of writing often involves a series of mini lightbulb moments interspersed with multiple rounds of brutal editing and beating myself with a big imaginary stick.

After I got candid with other creative all-sorts, I discovered a good self- caning is all part of a days work. If only I’d known earlier I would have invited my ex-headmistress along to the daily bash.

I’m grateful to Heather who trusted me with her personal story and jollied the process with her fun personalty. No questions were off limits and she was a real treat to interview. It really helped oil the writing.

For ongoing inspiration, follow Heather’s continuing journey on her Facebook page here and read the full story, A Strength Within,  here in Travel Play Live Magazine.



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