Getting Out of My Comfort Zone and Into the Vlogosphere

It’s good to mix things up once in a while.

Try something new.

Do something that scares you a little …or a lot.

The benefits of getting out of your comfort zone have been widely written about: it makes you more productive and creative, can help you deal with new and unexpected changes, bring down stress levels, encourage personal growth, yah-dy yah-dy yah.

For me, out-of-comfort-zone is a place I like to visit often. It’s where I’ve learnt most about myself, the world we live in and the people we share it with.

Wakhi women

One of the world’s most isolated tribes: Women of the Wakhi Tribe, North East Afghanistan

On top of that, out-of-comfort-zone experiences have taught me how to deal with the big shit, not give a crap about the little shit and choose carefully what I give a shit about.

Having a go at mountain biking was one such out-of-comfort-zone experience. I thought it was silly at the time as I was skidding into midlife and had the impression that mountain biking was for supercool dudes, average age 22.

But I fancied a go. And when I dipped my toe in, I realised, just like all things I’ve not experienced for myself, I was monumentally wrong. In fact, studies from several countries including the US, Australia and the UK agree that the average age of a mountain biker IS someone skidding into midlife.

Mountain Biking Stromlo, Australia

Mountain Biking Stromlo, Australia

And mountain biking led to my bike travel, where every trip opens my eyes to another part of the world, another culture, another way of life, another way of thinking, another learning experience and another reminder of my embarrassingly poor map-reading skills.

Nomads in the Talas Mountains Kyrgyzstan. Photo By Toby Maudsley

Nomads of the Talas Mountains, Kyrgyzstan, helping us get back on track when we got lost on the first crossing of the range by bike. Photo By Toby Maudsley

So here’s my latest new and scary. I had a big-shit health event recently and had to take some recovery time out, which I put it to good self-indulgent use editing video clips I’ve taken on my bike journeys.

The result is “The Trail Tart” –  an offbeat video diary of my two-wheeled galavants around the globe.

I’ll be posting short clips, from mini adventures to expeditions over mountain ranges. It’s part guide, part tips, part insight and part me making a tit of myself. Mostly though, it’s about enjoying the wonders of the world by bike.

If you like the sound of that please subscribe to my Youtube channel

Here’s the trailer. And my first short clip about circumnavigating the Mont Blanc Massif

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