Wild Tracks

Adventure meets backcountry mountain biking in a two-week expedition searching for the best single track in the Ethiopian highlands, featuring sheer drops of 1000 metres, welcoming villagers, baboons and a web of trails in a lush mountain range resembling a mix of the alps, the andes and the grand canyon. Wild Tracks was screened at the 2015 Filmed By Bike Festival in Portland, Oregon and the 2015 Ciclismo Bike Travel Festival.

Trek Afghanistan

The Pamir Mountain range of Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor is a peaceful and extremely hard-to-reach part of the world where few have travelled and little has changed in a thousand years. It’s home to the Wakhi and Kyrgyz nomads who live a traditional way of life on the outer limits of human habitation. They survive the lengthy and brutal winter thanks to their herds of yaks and sheep that provide them with milk and cheese, wool for warmth and dung to fuel their fires. In summer, they welcome traders into their yurt homes and — more recently — intrepid tourists who hire pack animals to explore the region.

Back Roads Burma

Biking the Back Roads of Burma from mountains to coast. – a golden journey of glorious sunsets, delicious food, soccer loving children and happy, welcoming, gentle souls. Six hundred kms of pure enchantment in a country experiencing exciting change unified by the peoples’ love for “The lady”.

Yarning With Uncle Fred

Fred Conway is an Elder of the Bidgera people and Ranger at Carnarvon Gorge. Against the backdrop of this significant and sacred place, Fred talks about sharing his history, culture and knowledge with visitors…. and his hopes for a reconciled Australia.


 The Trials of the Mawson Trail

One of Australia’s great bike trails – Cycling the mammoth Mawson trail unsupported is almost 900 km of pure adventure through some of the world’s oldest landscapes from the deep outback of the ancient Flinders Ranges to the world class wine regions of the Barossa and Clare Valleys.

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