Mountain Biking through Mavrovo National Park
Mountain Biking Mavrovo National Park

A splash of spontaneity is a must in all my travels plans.

It never fails to add the fab to my journeys.

Which is why one of my top travel tips is don’t plan too much.

My journey to Mavrovo National Park was one such little-planned escapade I shoehorned into a few spare days between joining a revolution and exploring Orchid – I’m so glad I did.

I had the place almost to myself, which is surprising since it’s one of Europe’s oldest National Parks.

The highlight was staying with a wonderful family who are the only permanent residents of Galichnik – a mountain village in the National Park which is completely cutoff in winter by the snow.

If you’re looking for peace, pure wilderness and wholesome adventure in the middle of Europe, this is it.

Find out more in my story  ” The Revival of Mavrovo” published in Adventure.Travel 

Thanks to Marko Bekrik of  Galichnik mountain bike adventures and his lovely grandparents, Pavle and Borka, for the treasured experience.


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17 Comments on “Mountain Biking Through One of Europe’s Oldest National Parks”

  1. Hello Tracey, this Mavrovo National Park looks amazing and just wiki-ed and read about it. I wasn’t aware that it is situated in Macedonia. My suggestion for you is to come here in Bulgaria and try the Pirin National Park which is also amazing! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • I’d love to do more mountain biking in the region generally and – yes – I’ve heard good things about Bulgaria Alex so will take you up on that recommendation.

  2. This seems to have been a really great experience for you Tracey. Totally agree on the no prior planning rule. Spontaneous trips often bring the most excitement and joy.

  3. Looks like an awesome biking trip, does anyone get to live with the residents of the park or is that something only you guys did. Would love to visit Mavrovo.

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