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How to Feel Good With Arthritis

  Arthritis is what you get when you’re old right? I thought that too until could no longer strut and bend my musculoskeletal stuff like those kids in Fame due to excruciating pain in my spine. I was 17. Bye bye backflips. Hello crappy spine disease that I couldn’t even pronounce. Anky What???? It’s called “Ankylosing Spondylitis”, which is […]

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Reaching Wilpena Campsite on the Mawson Trail (Image by Walter Casu)

A Bike Adventure Challenge

I’m a bit impulsive and sometimes I agree to challenges or just dive in without thinking them through. Metaphorically speaking, I like to push myself to the edge. Occasionally I throw caution to the wind and jump off it. Paul, my hubby, is the pragmatic planner who thinks about the soft landing for me, or […]

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