Tracey Croke is a Sydney-based journalist and travel writer with a zest for roughty-toughty adventure and gallivanting on her mountain bike. She is also a world-class expert in following whims and getting lost. Luckily, her woeful map-reading skills are overlooked as long as she brings back a good story.

Her writing and photography has appeared in a wide range of digital and print publications in the UK and Australia, including the Guardian, BBC and the Telegraph (UK). She is also a contributing author to Ride: Cycle The World (DK Penguin Random House) and she shares insights and anecdotes of her journeys on Radio (ABC) and popular podcasts.

Tracey is best known for writing upbeat, mindful features about adventurous and immersive experiences. Quirky, off-beat, and saying it as it is are in her DNA. She has followed ancient elephant-migration trails on a mountain bike safari in Botswana, been dragged through a snowdrift backwards in the Arctic, chased truffles in secret forests around Sienna, trekked with nomadic tribes in Afghanistan and was on the first mountain-bike traverse of Kyrgyzstan’s Talas Range.

Accolades include, winner of Best International Story at the Australian Travel Writers’ Awards for Excellence 2020, where she was also a finalist in both Travel Writer and Travel Photographer of the Year. She won Best Adventure Story twice (2020 and 2017). For three years running, Tracey was a finalist in the coveted NRMA Kennedy Awards for Outstanding Travel Journalism. Her photo essay, “A Portrait to Keep” was featured at The Walkley’s Storyology Slide Night – part of Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival.

She sporadically youtubes under “The Trail Tart”.

Insights and anecdotes of Tracey’s adventures have landed her slots on the Telly, Talk Radio and at speaking event