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Australia’s Trail Where Life Began (BBC Travel)

South Australia’s 900km Mawson Trail journeys through sites so ancient, they’ve revealed the imprints of animals that lived 555 million years ago – likely the earliest human ancestor.

Tiers of Joy (Signature Luxury Travel)

A series of world-class mountain bike trails in Tasmania’s northeast marries adrenaline with luxury, and has transformed a town in its making.

How Travellers Can Be A Force For Good (Without Travelling Anywhere) (

Change In Gears (Signature Luxury Travel)

Nature, culture, camping: One year on, how have Australians coped with the border closures? (

The Path of Hope and Unity (MiNDFOOD)

From ancient traditions to modern hospitality, there is so much more to Palestine than you might initially imagine, and one of the best ways to explore the changing story of this region is on a hike through the west bank.

A Mushers Tale (MiNDFOOD)

Dogsledding through the fresh January snowfall of Swedish Lapland is the perfect way to connect with the natural environment and experience the kinship with a pack of huskies that are genetically gifted to cross great swathes of frozen landscape with relative ease. 

What A Difference A Trail Makes (Wild Magazine)

Discover the diversity and generosity of the Middle East on the new Jordan Bike Trail

Mountain Biking in the Land of Giants (Wild Magazine)

Riding among the majestic wildlife of Botswana, you will discover a heartening haven for Africa’s animal refugees.

The Grail of Trails (Jetstar Magazine)

In the northern reaches of Queensland, a mountain bike nirvana like no other weaves its way through an ancient landscape.

Mountain Biking in Tropical north Queensland


Hiking remote, spectacular Afghanistan  (

Back in 2013, ‘hiking through Afghanistan’ wasn’t high on the to-do lists of many travelers. But Australian writer Tracey Croke set off for the country’s Wakhan Corridor anyway, determined not to let the headlines convince her otherwise.

Local tribes playing Buzkashi in the Wakhan Afghanistan

The Dreamweaver  (Wild Magazine)

Meet the quintessential Queenslander who’s put smiles on the faces of millions around the world and built a monumental mountain biking legacy in the process.

Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

The Magic of Macedonia (Mountain Bike For Her)

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is topping the pols as Europe’s rising star in adventure travel. On a bike and foodie trip there, Tracey Croke discovers its special kind of magic.


Mountain Biking the Massif (Australian Mountain Bike)

The Tour Du Mont Blanc, also known as the “TMB” and “Three Countries Tour”, is one of the world’s iconic long-distance hiking trails also open to mountain bikes.

Chasing Truffles (Thai Airways Magazine)

Buried in the woods around Siena, Italy, prized fungus await discovery by experienced truffle hunters.

Truffle hunting in Tuscany

Trail Blazers (Jetstar Magazine – Australia)

Jetstar Magazine March Issue

Revival of Mavrovo  (Adventure.Travel)

A young Macedonian is on a mission to revive one of Europe’s oldest National Parks.

Mavrovo National Park Macedonia

A Strength Within (Travel Play Live)

More people had walked on the moon than completed the entire 1700 kilometre Great Himalayan Trail…until an ordinary Sydney mum took it on. Read the full article here


Black Mountain (Mountain Bike For Her)

Mountain Biking in Montenegro

The Trailblazer of Montenegro  (Australian Mountain Bike)

Zoran Tepavcevic is an ex-champion who supports his trail-building vision by leading bike tours and calling bingo. Tracey Croke joins him on a six-day mountain bike adventure to explore the lesser-known Montenegro. Read the full article here


The Talas Traverse (Australian Mountain Bike)

The first bikepacking journey across Kyrgyzstan’s Talas Mountains.



The Soul of Manas (

The First Travere of Kyrgyzstan’s Talas Range by Mountain Bike. Read the full article here.


South East Asian Adventure  (Adventure Travel Magazine, UK)

A 800km cycle through the remote mountains and jungle of Northern Thailand and Laos. Side adventures and boat rides included. Read the full article here.

Cycle Laos Cover

Mountain Biking the Ethiopian Highlands (

Sidetracked cover

Rolling With the Flow (Thai Airways Inflight Magazine)

Novelist, John Steinbeck said, “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” I’m convinced Steinbeck rode a bike. Read the full article here


Riding High (Adventure Travel Magazine, UK)

Known as one of the world’s most spectacular and dangerous journeys, the Manali to Khardung-La route in the Himalayas climbs over India’s highest vehicle-access mountain passes. Tracey Croke cycles it on a two week mountain biking trip. Read the full article here


The Heart of Burma (Adventure Travel Magazine, UK)

A land once as isolated as North Korea has opened up its doors beyond the classic tourist attractions. Down the backroads, you’ll discover warm smiles, open hearts and a sinister waft of men in dark glasses. Read the full article here.


Forbidden Country (Wild Magazine, Australia)

Five testing trips that could help you shed any preconceptions about so-called no-go zones. Read the full article here.


Meet The Last Nomads (, Australia)

A photo essay and rare insider’s snapshot into the lives of one of the most isolated tribes in the world. Meet the last nomads of the Pamir Mountains; Afghanistan but not as you know it. Read the full photo essay here


Trek Afghanistan (Adventure Travel Magazine, UK)

In the far Northeastern part of the country, Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor is a peaceful and extremely hard-to-reach land inhabited by ingenious nomads where little has changed in hundreds of years. The scenery is out of a hollywood movie, but you’ll have to be prepared for sheep’s teeth in your stew. Read the full article here


Marmite Lovers Should Convert to Vegemite (Telegraph, UK)

Top tips for settling in Australia  Read the Full Article Here

The Telegraph Expat Jan 2014

In At The Deep End (Outer Edge, Australia)

I dusted off my trusty old hard tail mountain bike and chose Australia’s longest bike trail for my first attempt at long distance unsupported cycling. The Mawson Trail is an outback-to-city erratic journey over ancient landscapes, which you might have a chance of completing, if you can resist the world-class Shiraz. Read the full article here.


Don’t Worry Pee Happy (Adventure Travel Magazine, UK)

Women’s stand-up peeing devices on test: Read the full review here



A Pom Versus the Pests (Telegraph, UK)

Tracey Croke thought she was ready to live in Australia – but she was not ready to share her home with some uninvited guests. Here’s her lighthearted guide to coping with an onslaught of creepie-crawlies. Read the full article here.


Bucking Tough (National Indigenous Times, Australia)

“Grabbing the bull by the horns” is more than an expression for the rodeo cowboys of Mount Isa who risk their neck for pride and reputation. Read the full article here.

Buckin Tough_Cover