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Trekking carnarvon gorge

Responsible Travel – Tips for Treading Lightly

  Remember when the average adventure-trip advert was aimed solely at an under 30 adrenaline junkie who wanted to yahoo around like a seven-year-old who’s had one too many tubes of smarties? Thankfully these days, adventure is marketed more widely than jumping off a bridge with a giant elastic band tied to your ankles. Now we’re encouraged to take a challenge, […]

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Talking on the telly about cycling adventure travel

Six Bridget Jones Inspired Tips for Talking on Live TV

There’s been a huge rise in corporate cycling recently and the folk at Sky News invited me on to their “Business Class” travel segment to have a powwow about my two-wheeled travel know-how. David Flynn, Editor of Australian Business Traveller, was in the hot seat before me to share his airline news analysis. When David walked into […]

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Photo taken by Kmf164 supplied under creative commons licence

Warning: Your Travel Blog Could be Under Serious Scrutiny

One of the most popular stories of 2012 was an article about words that will set off the rat-smellers and send alarm bells ringing at Homeland Security. After being forced to reveal a list of the ‘offending’ words under a freedom of information request, travel bloggers should be aware that the super sleuths could be […]

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