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The Magic of Macedonia

Mountain Biking Macedonia  What defines a magical place? I’d say magicians for starters. And Macedonians are remarkably skilled at pulling rabbits out of hats, so to speak. Want to go canoeing? Take a cooking lesson? Have a massage after a long day on the bike? “I’ll call someone,” our guide Jovan Jovanoski would say, and …

Mountain Biking Tuscany

“There are only two directions in Tuscany – up and down,” laughs local mountain bike guide Bruno Baldini. Bruno is giving me the heads up on Italy’s longest signposted cycling trail, The Via Francigena – a common Italian name of the ancient pilgrim route, which starts in Canterbury and (like all roads) leads to Rome. This …

Mountain Biking in the Alps

Mountain Biker fallen off in the snow

“Never in 16 years operating here have I seen the snow so low down and so deep at this time of the year,” explained Alps guide Jamie Carr. We’ll have to adjust the route.” It may’ve been summertime, but mountain biking was far from easy on The Tour Du Mont Blanc, also known as the Three …

Mountain Biking Through One of Europe’s Oldest National Parks

Mountain Biking through Mavrovo National Park

A splash of spontaneity is a must in all my travels plans. It never fails to add the fab to my journeys. Which is why one of my top travel tips is don’t plan too much. My journey to Mavrovo National Park was one such little-planned escapade I shoehorned into a few spare days between joining a …

How My Little Bike Movie Hit the Big Screen – Filmed By Bike Festival

Congrats Email Screened By Bike

I was having one of those whimsical “oh you never know” moments when I entered my video about mountain biking in Ethiopia into the Filmed by Bike Festival in America.

I should also add that my glass was half-full with a Barossa Valley red at the time I stumbled across it, which definitely put a rosy tint on the proceedings.